Do I have to install software on my PCs as well as pay and administer licenses?

No, because we will deliver a solution that, provided you are authorized to do so, will enable you to access your database tools via the Internet, at any time, from anywhere.

Do I have to worry about security, backups, etc.?

No, we handle everything for you: we will generate daily backups and use proven systems with built-in redundancies. The only thing you have to do is keep your password secret for authorization purposes.

Why does The Data Vaults do the setup and the configurations for me?

To work with The Data Vaults you don't have to be an IT specialist. In The Data Vaults we have many possibilities to check the inserted data and values. Our forms have a lot of logic behind the fields which help you to improve the quality of the collected data.

How much time do you need until our Data Vault can be online?

The Data Vaults is a standard product. When we have received your specifications, we can usually go online in 24 hours.

We need to organize an event for the first time and have essentially no experience at all. Can The Data Vaults help us?

Through our sister companies, The Data Vaults has a built-in schedule and checklist for organisers. Both tell you what you have to organise, and when. Owing to our experience in event organisation, we have developed a standardised workflow, but of course we can adapt that workflow to your special needs.

Do you provide individualised solutions?

The Data Vaults is based on a standard set of tools that can be configured according to customer needs for any type of event.

As professional organisers, we are seeking a professional e-business partner. What level of know-how does The Data Vaults possess?

In The Data Vaults we have gained experience in various past projects and the tools have been optimised. We have years of experience in the development of Web applications for the events industry, so it is clear that a tremendous level of know-how is available in this regard. The Data Vaults is a very open and modular solution, so that it can be easily integrated in other applications.

Can I also use The Data Vaults for the processing of registrations?

The Data Vaults strength lies in the handling of data, registration is just one of our solutions.  program for administering registrations. The Data Vaults supports the entire spectrum of core business processes associated with the organising an event.

How many persons can register with The Data Vaults for a single conference?

There are unlimited numbers possible, our database can be adopted to yours needs.