How do we do what we do?

By taking seed data and applying Reed’s Law.

What’s Reeds Law?

It’s the assertion that the utility of large social networks, can scale exponentially with the size of the network. Using the same methodology Data Vaults’ application causes the exponential expansion of databases for event organisers.

It sounds a bit geeky but, like all good ideas, the theory is simple.

Data Vaults takes “seed” data and incentivises each contact to use our online PDA (Pyramid Data Acquisition) application.

PDA has been specifically developed to our own specification and gives Data Vaults the tools and methodology to turn theory into practice for any trade sector and increase the conversion from pre-registration into actual attendance.

A built in security module to avoid spamming, ensures that any person referred by an industry colleague, is guaranteed to receive only one electronic invitation irrespective of the number of contacts that submit his/her contact during each campaign.

The success of each campaign (i.e. the number of net new contacts the campaign produces) is dependant on a number of variables:

  • Industry sector

  • Amount of contact data requested

  • Level of customisation of the campaign

  • Level and quantity of incentives

  • Quality of initial seed database

Does it work?

Of course it does.  But consider this.

In one campaign we increased visitors to an event by over 110%.

In another the process created an uplift of pre-registered visitors by 14.5% in three months and 32% over a 7 month period.