Data Security

The Data Vaults data security procedures have been independently vetted and conform to BS 5750 standards.

All client data is the subject of a non disclosure agreement between the client and The Data Vaults.

All “seed” data remains the property of the client at all times.

The title for all new contact data collected through The Data Vaults service, only transfers to the client on receipt of final payment. 

The Data Vaults will retain a back-up copy of the data created for each client in an off-line data vault with access privileges reserved for authorised personnel only.

The Data Vaults will destroy all back-ups of client data on a client’s request.

Data forensics

Office technology makes it much easier for workers to steal important information from their employers. Workers are not just stealing pencils anymore.

Research into intellectual property theft found that almost 70% of people have stolen key information from work.

If you're involved in data, it's inevitable that at some time it will be misused or suspicions will arise over who misappropriated it.

What we do

Misuse of data has always happened in the workplace and it always will; except now the evidence is based on a computer.

Human rights, international law and protocols require that incidents are handled correctly.

Our Data Forensic investigations deliver a professional service based on real technical expertise and investigation experience that provides compelling evidence meeting requirements and delivering real value.

ispy analytics supplies first-class data forensic services based on unparalleled technical expertise and experience. We offer services internationally, and ensure that our expertise is used as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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